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  • Ranking:  
  • Autor:     Pete
  • Categoria do jogo:   Jogos de puzzle
  • Descrição:   ungle Battle is a shooting game, available on Here is a shooting game with crazy sauce Worms in which two monkeys face in a fight without thank you in the bush. You control a monkey armed with a gun big bamboo and can run with your weapon of exotic fruit explosives on your opponent. The goal is to eliminate it before it kills you. At the beginning of the game, the fruits are arranged randomly in the middle of the screen In turn, you can choose the product that you want in your shopping cart by clicking it. Once all the fruit is selected, the game begins. Click to shoot in the direction of your opponent. Worms As each player plays one after another. The winner is the monkey who has inflicted the most damage to his opponent. Have fun and enjoy the game!
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