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Park A Lot

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  • Size:600x450
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Descrição: Description: Park A Lot is a skill game on in Which you has to play to the Meet Parker. Your mission is to follow the lesson and learn to drive. Walk with your arrow keys. X is for start running and Z is for stop. Walk over a car to get in while in a car hit SPACE to get out. In the game, cars come randomly, so from now on, pay attention to the number of the owner That comes out, you will need it. When you get in the car, use your arrow keys to drive and steer (steer you need to speed). Use the X and Z to gear up to gear down. Now the owner of the car will soon be done shopping...He / she will come out and ask for the car, this time you have to pick up the car and drive it to the exit. Be sure to be close to the possible. When the owner is waiting while you put the car on the exit, he will hop on board and drive away. Well, what are you waiting for? Click continue to bulk up and ...

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