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Descrição: Description: Peanut is a sport game on You play the part of a trolled chap in a bar for your mates. Just as you were getting ready bored, three of the Nut brothers, Coolie, Scratch and Sniff challenge you to a game of table nut ball, Which was a traditional squirrel game Originated in the squirrel capital, Huntsville. The rules are simple. Flick the many nuts in the goal the possible. Extra points are Gained from hitting the defenders and even more for a combo hit. Move your hand with the mouse click the mouse button to start your flick power, but not too much, or it will go too high, and release it to fire. The part of red is your power flick on the right. If you find the squirrels a bit slow, hit Q to toggle quality. Good luck and have fun!

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