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Jamaican Dominoes

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  • Size:545x480
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Descrição: Description: Jamaican Dominoeswhich is available on ,is a challenging puzzle game. Each play is made by adding a bone to an open end of the layout, with like numbers touching. The layout always has two open ends. The two branches are built off the sides of the set, and all doublets are customarily placed crosswise, but this does not affect the number of open ends. If a player cant play in turn, he passes. The game ends when a player gets rid of his hand or when no player is able to add to the layout. The one with the lightest remaining hand wins a game. Go ahead and play some serious dominoes now. Enjoy yourself!

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Fábio Barros Lim07/07 23:10

Muito bom esse jogo. Gosto muito de jogar dominó com os meus amigos!


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